About Us

   Next Step Mindset is here to help both Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary people reach their full potential, and grow their minds to where they can perform at levels only imagined.  You can get better acquainted with our Coaches below.  Contact us HERE!

CEO, Founder, and Coach:

Brian Strubhar

   Brian is probably one of the best stories of Failure to Success, and although he doesn't really brag about all of his accomplishments and financial successes, he continues to live a humble life with his beautiful wife of 18+ years, and his 3 amazing daughters.  His wife homeschools the girls, and they spend a lot of family time together.  

   Brian never had many academic accolades or degrees to his name, yet he's helped some regional and national firms go global. He was homeschooled, and thus never graduated until 10 years after he was out of school when he decided to go take the exam, which he passed with a high score. He realized true knowledge is actually knowing how to think and figure things out.

   Brian failed in his relationships, and even his own marriage for a number of years, and finally found some help via coaching and mentoring. He and his wife have since been volunteering to help other people with their marriages and relationships and has personally impacted over 2,500 relationships. There are thousands of people who follow and learn from him online. He's become the go-to guy for Ideas, Strategies, and New Perspectives in so many different areas.

   You will never find a more genuine person who truly loves God, Life, and those around him. Brian gives 100% to everyone he gets the chance to serve. He is a world-renowned thinker and has authored numerous books. His love of fishing and the outdoors makes him an all-time favorite storyteller.  Our clients seek Brian's coaching on subjects such as...

Relationships                Social Media                    Insurance

Mindset                         Fishing                             Personal Growth

Business                       Webdesign                       Parenting

   Brian sits on a board of directors and has managed global teams of thousands of people. By the age of 40, he has created time and financial freedom that most just dream about. He is now willing to coach you on your journey when you are ready to live a step above where you are.

James Koshel

   Jim has many years of professional experience, including, Being a professional chaplain, and working with several police and fire departments as a crisis intervention specialist. He was a paramedic for 20 years, working in pre-hospital and a 911 system. 

   Jim has numerous degree's in Psychology and Counseling, and has worked in both marriage and addiction counseling for over 20 years. Jim spent over 14 years as an account manager for a large HMO Insurance Provider, guiding businesses through the benefits system.

   Jim is also the Founder of a Non-Profit CareCorp, working with businesses and othe rprofessionals to develope and implement a strong Employee assistance program, helping them regain control in personal relationships.

   Jim has been Coaching and Mentoring marriages and family relationships for over 20 years. He has become a Blended Family Specialist, and has helped numerous blended families find help and healing during the tough blending process. He's volunteered hundreds of hous helping people find direction and hope, and has become a leader in helping people reach lasting answers to life's problems. Jim has now been married for over 25 years with 6 children and 2 grandchildren.