When you are done struggling and Ready for Change, willing to make the Changes... We Can Help YOU...

Where does NSM get it's principles and foundation?

Meet our Coaches who can help you with:

         Mindset:                                          Relationships:                               Personal Life:

           -Business                                -Boredom / Marriage                  -Finances

           -Personal & Family               -Engagement Struggles              -Health & Dieting

           -Dealing with losses             -Dealing with Kids                        -Spiritual

           -Sickness / Disease              -Kids & Losses

           -Fears / Failures                    -Sex / Intimacy

           -Root Causes                          -Clear Communication

           -Emotional Nudity


         Business:                                   Sports:                                                   Hobbies:

           -Marketing                             -Physical (Football Etc)                        -Cooking

           -Funding                                  -Fishing                                                 -Collecting

           -Expansion                             -Hunting

           -Growth & Acquisitions  

           -Event Planning  

Benefits Of Coaching:

    *Getting through your past fears and failures

    *New ways to market your business

    *Increased sales due to clearer advertising

    *Better relationships and communication

    *Step by step how to take your life to new Levels

    *Increased productivity and personal performance

    *Renewed & increased passion & clarity in life, relationships, & business

    *Breaking through the mental blocks or fog to clarity and clean Focus

    *Finding ways to conquer your biggest fears

You only have two options:

Evolve or Repeat

   Evolve means that you have to change, or remain in your repeat cycle of whatever you are stuck in. I used to live in that cycle too... It frustrated me to no end, and I finally got tired enough of it that I sought help, and decided it was time to kill the old cycle, and move forward into the new, ever-changing me. I love it now, as I continue to grow from success to success to success to Success! It's ultimately up to you though. Do you want to live differently? Are you fed up enough with where you are at, and the struggle you are in to actually do something about it. Are you ready to pay the price and move from cycle to success? It was a painful process for me, as I had to let go of what I was comfortable living, and begin to accept my new norm of continual growth and change which was completely out of my comfort zone before.


Coaching Requirements:

   You must agree to be completely honest and vulnerable, answering all questions as honestly as you know how. You must understand and agree that all results are your sole responsibility, and results will be proportional to your interaction, and compliance with homework, applications, and implementation. For best results, You must give us your full uninterrupted attention during coaching sessions. Keep in mind that we aren't going to diagnose you as a psychiatrist or psychologist might.

How much is it to get Coached?