These are Testimonies from hundreds of sessions and different types of situations! These are the view and experiences of the individuals who shared them with us. Please use our contact us page if you would also like to share your own testimony!

Brian added several great insights and different angles to my podcast! Well worth the time & price!  -Holly Totten

I feel like I was just talking with someone who genuinely has my best interests at heart. He is the epitome of a team player and partner! Someone you are proud to know and learn from!  -Hillary Marek

Speaking with Brian was like speaking with an oracle of knowledge with respect to life, business, relationships, and success! It was such a pleasure to have such a powerful and enlightening conversation!  -Donna Brown

Brian has amazing insight on business preparedness and market needs! Looking forward to speaking with Brian again anytime he is interested in assessing my business!  -Renee Patterson

What an awesome call with Brian just now! On our first call, within seconds we already knew we'd be doing some awesome professional projects together. I have also had the privilege of sharing a stage with him! He is well worth the time and investment if you are ready for a change!  -Paul Litwack

Brian is a Master at finding what you need to move forward. It was a pleasurable and very valuable session. He is one of the biggest assets a company or business can have. He has so much insight into business and the current markets, I don't think I have ever talked with someone that has taken the time like Brian did to help me create a step-by-step plan moving forward.  -Michelle Patschke

Just loved my session with Brian, a passionate game changing coach. Connect with him if you want to learn  and up-level your life or business in a big way!  -Elvira Hopper

Brian is such a creative thinker! He's that rare breed that finds a solution to any problem by utilizing out-of-the-box thinking and strategies! He is a real gem!  -Tara Murney

I had an amazing strategy call with Brian, and he shared some game changing resources with me that I can use on my own coaching platform. I recommend you setup a time to chat as soon as possible! -Ron Brooks

Great Guidance and Conversation! Brian is very knowledgeable and ready to assist! I highly recommend!  -Jennifer Maharajh

Very helpful and insightful call - far exceeded what I'd hoped to gain!  -Mike Forrester

Brian provides heartfelt advice! He loves to help others succeed. Our time together was very educational, and I feel much more inspired and motivated to make the hard changes that I was fearing! -Brian Keltner

Loved my call with Brian! Don't hesitate to set up a session with him as it is more than worth the time and price.  -Jennifer Geigel

Brian is now my Go-to Guy for both business and Relationship help. Please don't hesitate to set up your own session with him. 

You will be glad you did!  -Randy Brown

Brian is an amazing coach who brought tears to my eyes and utter freedom to my heart.  He has helped me so much on my journey, and I can't thank him enough for his time. His candor and expertise are unbelievable! He is a wealth of kindness and genuine joy. Brian is an excellent soul with true insight into relationships and therapeutic practices like I've never experienced before. Get as much time as possible with him as it is so worth it.  -Katie Ward  (actor)

Brian is really an idea guy (Amazing Coach/Author/Business man) who can help you figure out where you are, where you want to go, and then how to reach it step-by-step.  -Sheila Swift Kahe

Brian had all the info I needed & then some. Time well spent!  - Rev YSP

Great session with Brian! He was energetic and passionate, but also very professional and encouraging. He was very engaged and attentive the entire session, and he definitely invests in everyone who will let him.  -Joy Hills

What an amazing conversation with Brian this morning, and I'm confident that he can help you at whatever stage you're at, from having an idea to scaling your next company! Thanks Brian!  - Frankie Fegurgur

Wow, Brian absolutely knows the ins and outs of relationships. I got some golden advice and I feel so much better now. It was such a delight to speak with him, as he says the kindest things, and gives such words of wisdom. Highly recommend!  -Samantha Ryan

Brian is very knowledgeable & gives perspectives that make sense. Brian tells you what you need to hear, and might already know that you need to change, but are scared to implement! -Evelyn Jones

Brian was absolutely professional and extremely knowledgeable, but also made me laugh while feeling at ease and relaxed. What a great way to learn and think through where I am at and where I am going!  -Christin Watson

Brian is a great listener, and leverages his own business experience to other operators and entrepreneurs take the right next steps to grow their business as he has mine now!  -Charles Riggle