Bread for the Head

Food for the Soul 

and Bread for the Head!

   If you only spend time exercising your body, and not your mind, you don't understand the value of a strong and vibrant mindset.  I learned years ago that physical exercise was not financially rewarding for me unless maybe you are a physical trainer, but it certainly helps you stay in shape or even lose weight.  We can all use some time working out to strengthen our muscles and stay in shape, but have you considered your mind?  

   Your mind is a large muscle and memory bank, and without exercise, it also atrophies and gets lazier. If you want to grow your mind and have better processing power and ideas, you have to use it. Similarly, anything you have that you don't use, you lose. Things rust and rot out if we don't use them, and keep them clean of the spider webs. I found that my mind is no different. By growing and expanding your mind, you will typically find that you have a much better memory, and I have found that my ideas continue to flow freely.  Most of the great thought leaders spend a lot more time reading and digesting food for thought than they do playing on social media or watching the news or weather. Not that any of that is bad, however, it doesn't profit you unless that is part of your job or career focus. I will be sharing more about this later, but that is something I wanted to share with you!

Daily Mind exercises and disciplines strengthen your Mind!

   Don't just buy food for the Body, and put it on the hips, when you should be buying Bread for the head and food for thought! It will strengthen your mind and increase your mental sharpness and intellect. If you can commit to daily growth and expansion of your mind, you will enjoy a stronger mindset for the rest of your days. My biggest fear of growing old is losing my mind. However, strengthening it will make it last longer and it will remain stronger longer.  Like any other muscle, if you don't use it, you lose it. Use it, and it gets much stronger with less atrophy.

Don't Forget the Bread for your Head!