Mindset of a Leader!

Post date: Nov 14, 2009 12:16:5 AM

Most People Don't have a Leader's Mindset!

I have found that most people don't have a growth mindset, and kinda think they know what they need to really succeed, and be successful Etc. However, I have found that mindset to be very Limiting, and Keeps most people from going where their talents could take them if they would just open up their mind and move forward.  One of the common things I have seen is people that aren't willing to just do it, and get it done, and highly skilled Procrastinators.

   I was also very naive when I first started into business for myself over 30 years ago.  I learned quickly that my mindset had to be set on getting it done, and not procrastinating. I have a few lazy bones in my body, and I always dreamed of having a team of people that I could dictate to do my every wish.  What I learned over the last 30 years in Business is that leaders aren't dictators, but leaders, actually Lead by example.  I have to do what I expect others to do, and I have no right to dictate what others do if I haven't or won't do it myself!  I really believe that I became wildly successful in business based on my "New"mindset, and coach-ability.   I have been coached by the likes of Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Worre, Dr. Mike Capilli, Steven Covey, Big Al Schreider, Elbert Goff, Todd Falcone, Ray & Jassica Higdon, and Many others! What I am sharing here isn't necessarily an original Idea from me, but I am sharing my experiences and what I've learned from years of business and personal Relationships!

   You will Definitely want to heed the advice here on this site if you would like to learn from My mistakes, and not take the years of learning and pain I went through.  you might as well shorten the learning curve and take from me.  I love nothing more than helping others succeed, and seeing them put into practice what I share without having to go thru that pain as I did.

   Another good reason to learn from me is, I have thousands of Hours being coached by many world renowned coaches and trainers, and I have thousands of $$ that you can save by simply learning from my mistakes.  Some of my mistakes have cost me a lot of money financially, but you don't have to make that mistake!  Let's Do This together... OK?  Do I have your Commitment?

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