Mindsets to Consider

What is a "Mindset"?

According to dictionary.com, the definition of mindset is this;

“A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.”

From that definition alone, it’s clear that the type of mindset we adopt in life, can easily determine how much success, happiness and wealth we achieve.

All that we are, comes down to the state of mind we choose to live in and whether we keep control of our mind and emotions by our disciplines.


How many different types of 

mindsets are there?

The 15 mindsets Summary:

The number of potential mindsets that exist really depends on how much you want to generalize the word “mindset”. The closer you look into what a mindset is, and how much they can vary, the more differentiation’s you could class as an individual mindset.

However, most people fit into a small number of mindsets, most of which we listed in this article. Understanding mindsets is crucial for yourself and your success, as well as understanding and dealing with other people and their mindset.


Most People fall into 

15 Different Mindsets

The different types of mindsets which have been listed here compose the majority of the world’s population. Many of us will fall into more than one of these mindsets; which can either be a really good thing, or a really bad or detrimental thing.  Your Mindset will make or break you!  Let's start at number 15...



A Social Mindset

People who have the social mindset love to hang around with people, thought processes, and just explore new cultures or ways of life.

People who are social thrive on spending time with their friends. They also get a kick out of talking with strangers, and enjoy a conversation with them. 

Social Butterflies don't care most of the time if you are an old friend, or new found friend in this stranger we just met.

The advantages of having the social mindset:

·        You find it easier to make new friends anywhere you go

·        You have great communication skills with all types of people

·        You’re able to feel comfortable in the majority of social situations

The disadvantages of having the social mindset:

·        You might rely on talking with other people for happiness

·        You might be too concerned with how others feel about you

Do you already have the social mindset, 

or is this one you wish you had?



A Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is one of the most wonderful, amazing, and ever expanding mindsets. Without it, you are shrinking, and going towards death. You see, people who have the desire and drive to grow are always improving themselves. They love challenging themselves and constantly being better than they were yesterday.

It’s fairly easy to tell when someone has the growth mindset or has that Know it all attitude that we all hate.

They like to make going to the "Mental" gym a regular activity. They like to always being expanding their knowledge of themselves, others, and the universe. They often become entrepreneurs seeking to help others grow, and they have an outlook that a situation can always be bettered.

The advantages of having a growth mindset:

·        You’re going to be improving different areas of your life at a fast pace

·        It’s going to be a lot easier for you to put in the work needed to succeed

The disadvantages of having the growth mindset:

·        You might be so set on growing, that you forget to actually enjoy living

Do you have the growth mindset in place, or is this one that might need some TLC?



A Fearful Mindset

There’s a little bit of the fear mindset within each of us. However, those that let the fear mindset become their major way of thinking, become stuck. Depending on the Fear, it is healthy to have some fear of falling, or getting hurt, but don't let that keep you from living.

People who let fear get the best of them are unable to use their time to the best of their ability. All those thrilling experiences, places you could travel, or your own achievements and such never happen.

They never happen because of the fear of what might or could go wrong, and that leads to a very minimal and quite frankly, dull life. Those who live on the edge tend to have the most fun, and successful lives and adventures because they are also risk takers!

Fear can actually cripple you when it comes to meeting a stranger (Beautiful girl) or even making friends when you want to.  Fear most likely resides in your comfort zone, and you prefer to stay there our of fear... Right?  You ever felt that way?  I certainly used to! 

The advantages of having the fear mindset:

·        You don't get hurt

.     You don't lose anything of value cause you never risked it

The disadvantages of having the fear mindset:

·        You never really achieve your dreams by being afraid or your dreams are to small and insignificant

·        You will live inside your shell, afraid to try/risk new things

·        It'll become difficult to find your passion or purpose in life

Do you have the fear mindset, 

or are you living on the edge?



A Lazy Mindset

Being lazy is a very poor mindset to have, and it’s also a mindset that many more people are adopting upon themselves in this generation. Being lazy in your mind is the first step in being lazy in your actions and life, which will lead you down the road to the poor house.  No Super successful person got there by being lazy. They worked, and fought for that success.

Why is this generation getting lazier?

We’ve actually made them lazy. Through fast food, Microwaves, and advanced technology like TV and social media. Not to mention a number of other factors. I have watched may Gen X or even the baby boomers getting lazier and less responsible.  People don't really want to connect and have a conversation like they used to. Most people sit around and look at the screen, or gaming device, and really suck at social and people skills.

So we have become a generation of people with little to no discipline or even desire to get off our butts and do something productive. Why not go out and learn a trade, skill, develop something valuable?  Maybe you could actually go out and help people with the talent you were born with or have already developed.  Laziness gets you no where except immediate personal gratification which takes you down the road away from success and financial freedom.

The advantages of the lazy mindset:

·        It’s easy to achieve happiness in the immediate and short term

The disadvantages of the lazy mindset:

·        You’re unlikely to posses the discipline to achieve anything thing big

·        Your health is at risk

·        Your time is often being wasted

Do you have the lazy mindset,

or are you driven and productive?



A Envy Mindset

Someone who’s envious is often jealous of other people who’re perhaps doing better than them. Maybe they’re jealous because of someone’s success, healthy relationship, job, wealth, body, looks, etc…

You name it, right... there are always people that will be envious of other people and their ability to turn everything to gold so to speak...

While it’s not the best mindset to have, there are a few advantages of being envious that you might not have expected.

The advantages of the envy mindset:

·        It can be a motivational factor in pushing you towards taking action

·        It can make you uncomfortable enough to get out of the lazy mindset

The disadvantages of the envy mindset:

·        You will become obsessed with what other people are doing

·        You will waste time obsessing over other people's successes

·        You may come across to others in a negative way

Do you have the envy mindset,

or are you a happy/grateful person?



A Business Mindset

I am just guessing that most of you reading this are interested in entrepreneurship, or already own your own business. The business mindset is one in which you love serving others. You also understand that working for someone else isn't really helping down your own road to success. 

People that actually have this mindset naturally, love to serve, give, and help others succeed. Without that type of mindset or personality, it becomes much tougher to really succeed in Business.

A business Mindset loves to provide a service to people, and help change the world, while working for yourself and developing your own path to success and happiness. Success and happiness could be completely different for each of us. So you will need definiteness of purpose and a clear goal and plan to complete the journey.

Some advantages of the business mindset:

·        You possess the qualities needed to help others succeed

·        You’re able to solve difficult and often obscure problems

·        You can achieve financial freedom and independence

The disadvantages of the business mindset:

·        You might actually be focused too much on money, and not on passion

·        There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being an entrepreneur

Do you possess the business mindset,

or are you trapped in a JOB?



A Dreamer Mindset

The dreamer mindset is one of my favorites, because that is where I started before really jumping in with both feet on my dreams. People who possess this mindset have the ability to dream big, think big, and set BIG Goals that often scare other people. They pretty much believe that anything is possible, and that they have the ability to come up with visions for their future, and successful bliss to follow.

Though, the mindset of a dreamer does have its flaws, it is one that aids most super successful business owners and entrepreneurs.  One key to this mindset moving from dreamland to reality is writing down your goals, and preparing a plan to reach it.  Now, Don't just write it down, but go do the daily activity to enact your plan.

Some advantages of the dreamer mindset:

·        You possess the ability to think bigger than most people

·        You know what you want for your future and success

·        You realize just how much you can achieve from your life

The disadvantages of the dreamer mindset:

·        Dreaming is only good if you leave dreamland and act on your dreams

Do you possess the dreamer mindset,

or are you head down and stuck in a rut?



A Follower Mindset

This follower mindset is a way of thinking that really allow others to decide where your going, and what your future will be. If you have the follower mindset, you don’t have control over your life, emotions, or much of anything, but you’re allowed to believe you do. Followers think they are moving forward while following someone else to their financial success.

The Follower Mindset doesn't really question anything, or try anything new. They take the safe route that has been tried, and keep moving in the wake of other entrepreneurs and trail blazers.

Followers go to school like they’re expected to. They get a job like they’re supposed to. They start a family as expected, and never try to break free of the mold.

Does this sound familiar to you?

The advantages of the follower mindset:

·        There’s a lot less risk as a follower, and you’ll feel 'Safe'

The disadvantages of the follower mindset:

·        You'll be going after others wants, and not your own

·        You might never achieve true happiness and fulfillment

·        You’ll probably never achieve things that 90% of others do

Do you possess the follower mindset,

or are you blazing a trail?



A Greedy Mindset

We’re pretty much all guilty of always wanting more. It often doesn’t matter how much money we have, we still want more. It’s a vicious cycle. the more you get, the more you need to protect what you have gotten, and as you get more, you need still more.

In the past, the wealthy have been associated with being greedy, and sometimes stingy. It's a common misconception that you have to take from someone else to get it for yourself. But nothing good really comes from being greedy; and when we want more, we rarely achieve happiness despite how much we have, because we fail to be thankful for all the blessings, and everything good in our lives.

Some advantages of this greed mindset:

·        It may motivate you towards becoming successful and wealthy

         Some disadvantages of the greed mindset:

·        Your greed may be the death of you

·        You will always want more, and never fully satisfied

           ·        You’re not focused on helping others, one of the prime purpose’s in life

Do you possess the greed mindset,

or are you helping others succeed?



A Grateful Mindset

I decided to put the greed mindset before the Grateful Mindset in this article on purpose. Why?  Most people forget to be grateful for everything they have in life. It's often the simple things, like having a roof over their head, a paying job, a family, a good supply of food and water. There is always something to be grateful for in every situation or scenario. If you look for good to be grateful for, you will find it, but if you are looking for something to complain about, you find that as well.

Matter of fact, I think we often forget to be thankful for what we have, because the majority of people within our country have exactly the same as us. The people we speak with and spend time with on a daily basis; all have access to the same basic resources we have. That is part of why we aren't grateful. Look at how bad other areas around the world have it, and you will forever be grateful that you are where you are.

If you can be grateful for what you have, including a sound mind, healthy body, and you don’t take anything for granted in this life, you’ll definitely be a lot happier in the long run. Happiness flows out of a grateful Mindset and heart instead of a greedy or Envious Mindset.

The advantages of a grateful mindset:

·        You actually appreciate the things you have a lot more

·        It keeps you humble, no matter how successful you become

·        It’s much easier for you to be a happy individual

·        You’ll make the most of the precious time you have

The disadvantages of a grateful mindset:

·        I can't really think of any disadvantages of being grateful

Do you possess the grateful mindset,

or are an unhappy and selfish person?



A Confident Mindset

Confidence is pretty much the key to action and happiness. if you don't have some confidence, you will probably fall back into the lazy mindset. See, if you combine confidence with a few of the other state of minds on this list, you become unstoppable. Boldness and confidence could take you to new heights of success and happiness.

How confident we are has a huge affect on our mental and physical health. How we think about ourselves, our life, and our ability to be social, or our belief in our capabilities. You don't want to be over confident, or it quickly leads to the Egotistical Mindset.

Some advantages of the confident mindset:

·        You’re happier with yourself just the way you are

·        You’re more likely to take action and go for your goals

The disadvantages of the confident mindset:

·        Over-confidence could lead to arrogance, which hinders you in life

Do you possess the confident mindset,

or are you more fearful and cautious?



A Creative Mindset

When it come to being creative, it is a lot more difficult than it often seems. At first you think you’re being creative, but you’re really replicating ideas that you’ve seen before without even knowing it. While there's nothing wrong with utilizing or personalizing an idea you saw or heard, it isn't really creativity. Creativity is actually very rare. Most people who think of themselves as creative are basically just manufacturing Antiques. It's just not the same, however, there's really nothing new under the sun.

If you’re actually a creative person, that’s an awesome thing, because it means you’re able to be very unique. While most people struggle with this, and it becomes hard for them to produce their best work, you should enjoy exploring your creative side and ideas.

Some advantages of the creative mindset:

·        You’re able to produce very unique ideas that no one else thought of

·        You’re a natural problem solver with unlimited ideas

·        You possess a skill that is tough for others to figure out or master


Some disadvantages of the creative mindset:

·        Creativity could lead you to over-complicating the simplest of things

Do you possess the creative mindset,

or are you pretty much satisfied with the status quo?



A Short-Term Mindset

The short-term mindset is actually rather similar to the lazy mindset. It’s similar in the fact that people who are lazy tend to be people that are only obsessed with short term happiness. They rarely think or plan for their long term future, and often never really consider long term goals.

Short term Mindset is when someone is addicted to things that will make them happy for a short period of time, right here and now in this present moment. But continuing to do so results in being miserable in the long term, and later in life.

Why?  They just don't tend to have to band width or see the reason to worry or plan for the future as long it's okay right now.

Some advantages of a short-term mindset:

·        The only advantage is that you can be happy for the here and now

The disadvantages of the short-term mindset:

·        You’re pretty reliant on lazy habits

·        You’re pushing yourself towards a miserable life in the long run

·        Nothing extremely good comes from something easy

Do you possess the short-term mindset,

or do you think and plan ahead?



An Angry Mindset

The angry mindset is pretty simple. most people who suffer from anger issues have the angry mindset. Maybe they’ve gone through really hard times in the past, which led them to becoming an angry individual. Most Angry people believe that they have right to something, or someone, that was violated. A violation of that right leads to Anger and outrage. These people also usually lack the disciplines it takes to remain in control of their own mind and emotions.

I have seen a lot of causes make someone have anger issues, but the end result is often them taking it out on other people. Sadly, it often end is pain and death some or all involved.  You really don't want this Mindset to get out of control.

The advantages of the angry mindset:

·        Potential motivation to improve your life and better yourself

The disadvantages of the angry mindset:

·        You’ll hurt yourself, and those around you

·        You’re unable to control your mind or emotions

·        You’ll waste time blaming others for everything wrong in your life

Do you have the angry mindset, 

or are in control?



A Productive Mindset

The productive mindset is brilliance in action, because it allows someone to make the most of their time, and get tasks completed efficiently. They rarely waste time, and it often bothers them when they encounter other lazy or inefficient people.

People who are extremely productive possess this state of mind are able to work towards their goals at a much faster rate, and are less likely to be distracted.

Being productive takes focus, discipline, and efficiency. If you have it, it will bother you if you can't be efficient, or find a better way to do it. Without this mindset, you enjoy the journey more than being worried about reaching the goal.

The advantages of a productive mindset:

·        You find it easy to prioritize the most important tasks over others

·        You can get work done very efficiently and without distraction

The disadvantages of a productive mindset:

·        You might overwork yourself in time and forget to relax and enjoy life

Do you possess the productive mindset, 

or are you lazy and unmotivated?



Now that we've finished off this summary, let me wrap it up by quickly recapping these 15 different mindsets people have:

1.   The social mindset

2.   The growth mindset

3.   The fear mindset

4.   The lazy mindset

5.   The envy mindset

6.   The business mindset

7.   The dreamer mindset

8.   The follower mindset

9.   The greed mindset

10. The gratitude mindset

11. The confident mindset

12. The creative mindset

13. The short-term mindset

14. The angry mindset


My Conclusion:

There are thousands of different mindsets people have in life. As I said earlier, it really depends on how much you want to generalize what makes up a mindset, and the number of variations could be endless. On the other hand, you could simply boil it down and put them all into one of these two mindsets for example: positive and negative.

By reading this article and looking at the list above, it should be pretty simple to identify which mindsets are going to be beneficial for you in your life, and which are going to have a bad affect on your life and Success.

The important thing is to combine more than one beneficial mindset with the other good ones to truly live life to the best of your abilities.

If you’d like to learn more about adopting important mindsets, you can check out our other courses where we teach you to expand your mindset into many other areas of your life.